Please help protect us by wearing a face covering when checking in and out, and not exercising.

Our plans have been developed with reference to the ABC (Association of British Climbing Walls) guidelines.

Key COVID changes:
Opening hours;
Monday – Friday 12 – 9.30
Sat/Sun – 10 – 6
We will just operate one payment rate across all our opening hours.

Limited capacity of 70. If we are approaching capacity we will be asking people to limit their climbing time to 2 hours to enable more people to climb.

Please wear a face mask to check in and check out.

Please don’t come to Avid if you have any symptoms.
Please wash and sanitise your hands on the premises prior to climbing. 
We have ordered supplies of liquid chalk (alcohol based) to help keep the atmosphere cleaner. We strongly recommend the use of chalk balls rather than loose chalk.
We will maintain our high cleaning standards.
Social Distance at all times.
Don’t sit on the mat.

We have significantly improved air flow and ventilation by removing the slab on the rear wall. Access to Avid through the rear roller shutter door is not permitted.

Registered climbers and ‘members’
If you are already registered with Avid Climbing you will be able to turn up to climb as usual. Please remember to check out at the end of your visit

New climbers, guests and 16-17 year olds’s not currently registered.
If you are not registered with Avid you will now need to complete a registration form. These are different for U18’s to over 18’s so please check on the registration link. Anyone who is not registered will be required to watch our new Induction video before climbing. Please remember to check out at the end of your visit.

All 16 & 17 year olds need to be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian on their first visit.

We welcome children and young people U16 to climb at Avid. All adults bringing U16’s in must be confident they can safely supervise the child. There will be new online forms to complete to register U16’s to climb. Adults new to climbing who want to bring U16’s with them will need to watch our induction video to ensure they are clear about all the safety requirements. Please remember to check out at the end of your visit

We will not be running our usual inductions for adults or families. We have created an online induction video that will be a requirement for all new climbers to Avid to watch. If anyone is still not confident about climbing or supervising after watching this video they need to contact the front desk via email – and request an induction slot. These will be limited and only accessed by booking when an instructor is available.

We will have our delicious coffee and cakes available. We have outdoor seating and limited indoor space.

Lockers and water
Please arrive at Avid ready to climb with minimal possessions. The lockers will be available for use and we require belongings to be stored away. Please bring your own £1 or tokens for the lockers.
We will not have our water fountain in operation in line with guidance so please bring and take away your own water.

The upstairs gym area will remain open to over 16’s. We just ask anyone using it to wipe down equipment after use – wipes/spray will be provided. We will also be carrying out more frequent cleaning to help this area stay safe. One person is on the staircase to the gym at a time.

The Topout boulder will remain in use but we will close access to the bridge and the bird boulder until further notice to reduce footfall in this area.